If you are loosing more than 1/4″ of water in a 24 hr period you may have a leak. A small hole in your liner can cost you hundreds in chemicals and water. It could cause equipment failure, if water level get too low, including damage to your cover or liner, burning up your pump, and major damage under your liner.

Our certified leak detectors are able to locate and repair leaks in all types of pools. Please call for a quote.

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Our objective here is to find the leak. We will repair holes in liners or minor leaks requiring sealant around jet fittings. All other leaks will be marked and then quoted / pre-authorized prior to the repair. We have the equipment to locate & repair broken plumbing underground, which may require concrete work.

We analyze your water loss before and after any repairs for guaranteed results. This report can be emailed to you for your records.

Our methods include diving the pool, pressure testing lines, pressure induction for amplified listening, & Leaktrec 2200 for vinyl liners. Our leak detection team has a total of 41 years experience giving us the confidence to offer a 100% money back guarantee. If our specialist can’t find your leak then you don’t pay us.

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